How It Works

Causes Matter Certificates

If you have flexible travel plans, a Causes Matter Certificate is perfect for you! When you purchase a travel package through this Causes Matter, you're directly supporting [short var=business_name]! 10 percent of every sale on this site is donated toward funding their important mission.

You can book anytime within 12 months of purchase, and you can travel up to 18 months after purchase. You can even give them as presents to family, friends, or clients. Explore our amazing destinations, unique experiences, and great vacation deals, and best of all, your purchase helps support Your Org Name!

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Easy 3 Step Process

1. Purchase an amazing travel package from our wide selection of destinations and unique experiences

2. A portion of your purchase is sent directly to [short var=business_name] to help fund their mission.

3. Our Concierge Team reaches out to you to complete your booking and ensure that you have a great time!

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