Redeem Your Causes Matter Certificate

Enter the Redemption Code from your Causes Matter Certificate in the form below and click the "Check It" button. After you click the button, the details of your certificate will be displayed on this page. If you're ready to begin booking your vacation, just click the "Redeem" button at displayed at the bottom of the page after you check your code.

Need assistance?

Visit our FAQ page for answers to most questions, or visit the Contact page to reach out for more help.

What happens after I redeem a Causes Matter Certificate?

Our Concierge Team will receive notification of your redemption and review your travel package. A team member will reach out to you by phone and email to start the booking process. You do not need to know when you plan to travel to redeem your certificate. Our Concierge Team will work with you to answer questions about your destination, accommodation, amenities, and more - and be there to help you all the way from redemption through the end of your vacation!

Do I have to redeem if I put in my Redemption Code?

No, you can also use this form to verify if your certificate is valid or review the details of your travel package. You can choose to complete your redemption or not, it's completely up to you!

Check or Redeeem a Certificate